Stacy Eldridge

Stacy Eldridge

Former FBI Senior Forensic Examiner, FBI Computer Analysis Response Team (CART), Digital Evidence Instructor for FBI CART Headquarters

Key findings

Affidavit Highlights:

β€œWithout a doubt, files, folders, dates, and metadata on the hard drive (1B16) were manipulated. The photos in [US vs Raniere], including the alleged contraband, were planted on the hard drive and appear as if they are a part of a backup.”

β€œIn this case, it is my expert opinion that the digital evidence was extensively manipulated, and some of this manipulation, specifically regarding the camera card, was executed by a person or persons within the FBI.”


Stacy Eldridge worked as an employee of the FBI from 2003 to 2012. During that time, she served as an Information Technology Specialist (ITS), a Forensic Examiner (FE) on the Computer Analysis Response Team (CART), a Senior Forensic Examiner (SFE) on CART, and a Digital Evidence Instructor for CART Headquarters.

Within those roles, Eldridge conducted over four hundred examinations on over 100 TBs of data, mentored and trained CART Forensic Examiners in Training (FETs), trained and graded Special Agents in the Digital Evidence Extraction Technician (DeXT) program, trained and graded CART FETs on Quality Manuals, Standard Operating Procedures, and evidence processing, and graded CART FE yearly proficiency tests, and trained law enforcement personnel to use Image Scan. Eldridge was part of the team to secure the first material support of terrorism conviction.

After serving in the FBI, Eldridge moved to the private sector, where she worked as a Senior Staff Cyber Investigator and Program Manager at General Electric, and Director of Cybersecurity at Lincoln Electric System. Today, Stacy focuses on providing consulting, digital forensics, and cybersecurity awareness services built on a foundation of fact, purpose, and engagement. Stacy teaches digital forensics and cybersecurity classes at Bellevue University, OSUIT, and coaches for IACIS.

Stacy has testified as an expert witness in South Carolina, Florida, and California federal courts. She is a licensed private detective with the following certifications: GSEC, GCCC, GCFE, and CFCE. She received her Master of Science from Bellevue University in 2006.