Gov Lied to Deny Raniere Bail

Gov Lied to Deny Raniere Bail

This lie was used to deprive Mr. Raniere of his right to a Grand Jury and deceive the court so that Mr. Raniere and his codefendants would be treated with extreme harshness.

  • The prosecutors in Mr. Raniere’s case lied to the court that Mr. Raniere fled the country to avoid the FBI investigation.

  • They used this lie to bypass a Grand Jury and directly get an arrest warrant, and even have it sealed.

  • They repeated this lie two more times to the court to deny Mr. Raniere bail after he was arrested.

  • Because Mr. Raniere was denied bail, the prosecution was able to get extraordinarily high bails set for his co-defendants. 

  • These co-defendants’ charges did not include any violence or weapons, and none of them had a prior criminal record.

  • Mr. Raniere and his co-defendants were cast as larger-than-life criminals, with tremendously adverse consequences for their due process and for justice.

All the time while accusing Mr. Raniere of “fleeing to Mexico”, the prosecutors possessed detailed information about Mr. Raniere’s travel and whereabouts prior to his arrest. They even used some of this information in their court filings. This proves that they knew their statements to the court were false. This is direct perjury.

Prosecutors should never lie, but this criminal behavior has become commonplace. This erodes justice and the rights of all citizens and is at the root of the mass incarceration that currently plagues the United States. This case is big enough and the prosecutors’ transgressions bad enough that exposing the corruption in this case could make a difference in the future behavior of all prosecutors.  


In Docket #1 (18-cr-204) below in a red box, see the sworn affidavit statement that “RANIERE had not flown out of the country since 2015, when he visited the Heiress’s private island in Fiji.” This is a lie and shown to be untrue, based on Mr. Raniere’s visa records that the government possessed and recited facts from.

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That lie is also repeated in Docket #1 (18-cv-03041), a parallel case to seize property related to defendants in the criminal case. 

On Page 6 in Docket #4 (18-cr-204), the prosecution repeats the lie that Mr. Raniere fled to Mexico (see the red box):

fleeing 2.jpg

The letter in Docket #4 is repeated as an exhibit in Docket #8 (18-cr-204).

The evidence disproving the lie that Mr. Raniere “fled to Mexico to avoid the investigation” is in Docket #43 (18-cr-204) Pgs 14-19 (see next page), in a motion for bail submitted Mr. Raniere’s attorney, Marc Agnifilo. 

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