Petition for Answers from the Prosecutors of United States v. Keith Raniere

Petition for Answers from the Prosecutors of United States v. Keith Raniere


Whether you think Mr. Raniere is good or bad, guilty or innocent, please support us in demanding answers from the prosecutors about their participation in indisputable government malfeasance, including the fabrication of child pornography evidence used to convict Mr. Raniere. 

Please see the affidavit below, that will be served to the prosecutors on Monday, May 2, 2022, along with a petition that we would like you to sign. Help us publicize, through your various media and social platforms, the serving of this affidavit, and keep demanding, publicly, that these prosecutors respond until they answer. Any immoral refusal to be held accountable is a disgrace to the notion of due process and the principle of justice.


Make Justice Blind Team

May 2, 2022

Dear Former Assistant US Attorney Moira Kim Penza, Assistant US Attorney Tanya Hajjar, former Acting US Attorney Mark Lesko, Assistant US Attorney Kevin Trowel,  Former US Attorney Richard Donoghue, and Former Acting US Attorney Seth DuCharme:

Please affirm the following statements, related to your handling of Mr. Raniere’s case by initialing each of them – and if you cannot affirm a statement, please mark with an ‘X’ – and return a completed copy to within 24 hours:

1. We, the Prosecutors, did not knowingly make any false or misleading statements to the public or media.  

______ MKP      ______ TH      ______ ML      ______ KT     ______ RD      ______ SD

2. We, the Prosecutors, did not knowingly make, or allow any federal agents to make, any false statements to the court.

______ MKP      ______ TH      ______ ML      ______ KT     ______ RD      ______ SD

3. We, the Prosecutors, did not allow any of our witnesses to commit perjury about events or facts known to, or evidence possessed by us.

______ MKP      ______ TH      ______ ML      ______ KT     ______ RD      ______ SD

4. We, the Prosecutors, did not withhold exculpatory evidence from the defense.

______ MKP      ______ TH      ______ ML      ______ KT     ______ RD      ______ SD

5. We, the Prosecutors, only used evidence that was secure and had an unbroken chain of custody. We did not use any evidence that was modified or altered while in FBI custody. We did not tamper with evidence or know that evidence had been tampered with.

______ MKP      ______ TH      ______ ML      ______ KT     ______ RD      ______ SD

We the people demand answers.

Signed By:

Ian Miles Cheong, Writer and Journalist, Human Events (@Stillgray 320.2K followers)

Adam Crigler, Commentator & Journalist, The Crigler Show (@AdamCrigler 130.5K followers)

Chase Geiser, Podcast Host, One American Podcast (@RealChaseGeiser 61.4K followers)

Nicki Clyne, Writer and Criminal Justice Advocate (@nickiclyne 37.1K followers)

Kurt Schemers, Syndicated radio and television host of Traders Nation® (retired), Business Development & Strategist (@KurtSchemers 9K followers)

Yaakov Strasberg, Journalist, American Pigeon (@17AmericanTruth 3.8K followers)

Suneel Chakravorty, Tech Entrepreneur and Coding Instructor

Eduardo Asunsolo, Actor, Activist and Investigative Reporter

Geoffery King, System Administrator, State of California

Stephen Palmer, Retired military and stay at home dad

Joseph Dwaine Fullmer, Sr. Software Engineer, Optilogic

Kelli Dutra, Fraud Detection Analyst

Esther Carlson, Entrepreneur Health & Life Wellness Advocate

Rick Fisk, Co-Executive Director, Adopt An Inmate

Shawn Tyler, Writer, Entrepreneur, Criminal Justice Advocate

Megan Mills Hoffman, Writer, Social Education Entrepreneur, Community-Sufficient Learning Advocate

Christopher Pearson-Smith, Insurance Broker & Real Estate Investor

Mariah Strand, Concerned citizen, homeschooling parent

Allen Stanfield, Critical thinker on cults & anticults. Signer of petitions that seek to hold those with governmental power accountable.

Brian Elliot, Entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor

Linda Chung, Business Owner, Investor and Former Lawyer

Michele Hatchette, Humanitarian & Entrepreneur

Cal Adler, Just a citizen concerned about the many instances of federal prosecutor and investigator misconduct that have come to light over the last several years

Peter David, Studio Mechanic

Kerri Romeo, Concerned citizen

Caitlin Metcalf

Artie Gonzales, Writer/Consultant

Angelica Hinojos, Mother & Entrepreneur

Daniel Campbell, Telecommunications Technician, former Law Enforcement Officer

Jay Skidmore, Factory Worker

Jack Levy, Entrepreneur and Developer

Damon Brink, Youth Baseball Coach, Writer, Entrepreneur

Shirley Aprile, Mother and Writer

Heather Russell, Business Owner

Micaela Zahner, Designer and Consultant

Brandon Porter, M.D., Ph.D.

Alberto Sanchez, Director of Fire Protection

Brett Diamond, Entrepreneur Insurance Manager and Broker

David Carroll, Industrial Electrician

Juan P Lambert, Entrepreneur

Karen Trojan, Concerned citizen

Jocelyn Ecker, Singer

Jerome Fressinier, Executive Chef

Sahajo Haertel, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian

Marie White, Artist


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