RANIERE requests pardon from president trump

RANIERE requests pardon from president trump

Dear President Trump,

I, Keith Alan Raniere, hereby request a presidential pardon and hereby authorize Make Justice Blind to formally request the pardon on my behalf.

I believe the charges should never have been brought, and that they should now be dismissed and the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York should be investigated. 

If I am pardoned, I plan to show the malicious, wrongful corruption in my case and expose all the issues. The issues in my case are many, however, they are not unique. Corruption is rampant at the Department of Justice and must stop. 

The pardon must not confer guilt or stand as an act of clemency but rather should be a condemnation of the corruption of the Department of Justice. The purpose of this pardon is to release me from prison so I can fully dedicate myself to proving my innocence and fighting the endemic corruption of the Department of Justice, which I have witnessed first hand.

-Keith Raniere

Dear President Trump,

We are writing to you today to ask that you pardon an innocent man: Keith Raniere. 

Like you, Keith Raniere has been an egregious victim of the fake news media and the Department of (In)Justice. 

Despite there being no charges of violence, weapons or drugs, Democrat-appointed Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis sentenced Mr. Raniere to 120 years in prison.

Below are some of the horrid injustices in this case:

  1. Sex Trafficking With No Sex Trafficking: A 29-year-old white actress from an affluent family had a sexual fantasy between her and another woman, which Raniere helped facilitate. No money changed hands and it was consensual every inch of the way. He is now serving 40 years in prison for sex trafficking based on a single sexual encounter.

  2. Forced Labor With No Forced Labor: The same actress transcribed a few hours of video for a friend’s memorial service and read some articles. She never objected to the work and appeared glad to do it. She also had access and availed herself of up to $10,000 in cash from Raniere, which she used and so was in effect overpaid for her minimal desk-work labor. He is now serving 40 years in prison for forced labor.

  3. Evidence Tampered Within FBI Custody: Can the FBI ever lie or cheat? The lynchpin of the case against Raniere was a concocted child porn possession – the nude photos of a girl alleged to be fifteen at the time. The FBI expert witness admitted in cross examination that one of the devices that contained the pictures – was accessed and altered by an unknown person while in FBI custody! Both devices were obtained through an illegal search and seizure and multiple experts corroborate they were tampered with.

  4. Judge Dismissed the Main Cooperating Witness When She Started Crying: Judge Garaufis amazingly stopped the cross-examination of the main witness Lauren Salzman right before she was about to contradict claims made in her plea agreement, which Garaufis accepted prior to the trial. Garaufis remarkably said, “before I’m a judge, I’m a human being” in justifying stopping critical testimony of a 40-year-old woman because she started crying. With this statement, he took off his robes and became a civilian, swayed by human emotion and was therefore unable to judge impartially. He was no longer ‘justice animate’ and became ‘the protective padrone.’ Chivalry may be good but not in a courtroom where men and women should be treated equally under the law.

  5. Unprecedented and Unconstitutional Use of RICO: Laws created to prosecute the mafia were used to implode a middle-class suburban community in upstate New York with no history of violence, drugs, weapons or criminal activity of any kind. 

  6. Prosecution Intimidated Potential Witnesses: Using RICO as their sword, the prosecution systematically threatened to indict anyone who didn’t conform or wished to testify for the defense or speak publicly about anything that contradicted the DOJ’s precrafted, highly slanted, false narrative.

  7. Patently False, “False Imprisonment”: An adult woman, ‘Daniela,’ with a history of pathological lying, cheating and stealing money from family and friends, claimed she was ‘forced’ to stay (rent-free) in her unlocked bedroom in her father’s house for 22 months and, incredibly, blamed it on Raniere. Raniere believed she had severe mental and emotional problems and tried to help the family find a way to help her get well through reflection and contemplation. At any time she was free to leave the room and it was her parents, not Raniere, that made all the efforts to facilitate their daughter remaining in her room. It was the woman herself who chose to stay month after month as an act of stubborn defiance to her parents and friends.

  8. Judge Let Women ‘Lie’ Using First Names or Nicknames: Judge Garaufis allowed the prosecution’s female witnesses to testify under a nickname or first name only and essentially gave them assurances that they could lie without public scrutiny. It was a circus sideshow: Any woman who opposed Raniere was referred to by first names only. Any woman who supported Raniere was referred to in court by both her first name and last name. It became for the jury a variation of Animal Farm – “One Name Good, Two Names Bad.” There was no proven need for such anonymity and some of these women, who sought to be referred to by first names only, have since come out publicly – using their full names – to profit in media from their so-called victimhood.

  9. “Victims” Had Heavy Motive to Lie: Several of the witnesses had good reason to lie to cover their own crimes, including illegally entering the country, hacking into computers, and stealing property with the intent to blackmail. They were all represented by the same civil lawyer in the criminal case and are now seeking financial reward in a class-action suit against Raniere. Because many of the witnesses were granted immunity by the prosecution for crimes they allegedly committed, the witnesses against Raniere made their statements comport with what the prosecution wanted to hear. The judge, who really should have taken off his robes and sat at the table with the prosecution, stopped the questioning of witnesses into hidden financial motives.

In closing, let us again quote the innocent Keith Raniere:  “Although my personal situation is wrongful and inhumane, it has equally grave consequences for anyone who is affected by our US justice system. Hopefully all people will recite the pledge: ‘For liberty and justice for all!’ 

“For me, by random chance, I became a nationally visible figure, and immersed in an amplified, hateful injustice. I am innocent, but can I be free? President Trump, it’s up to you.”


Keith Raniere and on his behalf, Make Justice Blind