About us

Make Justice Blind is an advocacy group dedicated to exposing bad behavior within the criminal justice system and transforming the culture from one of “winning” to truth and justice. We believe that bias of any kind, prejudice, and political or personal agenda have no place in the justice system, and we need to root out malfeasance and mistreatment at its core. Our tools and initiatives seek to shine a light on conduct and corruption that typically gets swept under the rug.

We believe that now, more than ever, we need greater transparency and accountability within government institutions, and most especially those entrusted with public safety and liberty. It is not enough to have a Bill of Rights, these rights must be protected and due process must be followed at all costs. We shine a light on injustices and partner with the media to give power back to the people in standing up for their rights and holding government officials accountable.

Our team

Eduardo Assunsolo


Eduardo is a professional interpreter and voice over artist. He owns a translation business, working with the political asylum office, immigration court and federal court. He lives with his wife and son in Brooklyn, NY and they have a daughter on the way. He studied acting at the revered conservatory NAW New York with Mike Nichols, and graduated with a degree in marketing from ITESM University in México. He has been committed to wrongful conviction advocacy for the past two years and is thrilled to be bringing these initiatives to life.

Suneel Chakravorty


Suneel grew up in South Florida and studied mathematics at Harvard College. He started his career as a software engineer at Yipit (now YipitData) in NYC, co-founded a software consulting firm called SimpleFractal, and now trains teams to use machine learning and data science. He believes that the justice system needs to evolve and become data-driven and devoid of prejudice and hate, and that technology and public participation can facilitate this quickly.

Marc Elliot


Marc Elliot is an award-winning inspirational speaker on compassion and tolerance who lived with Tourettes Syndrome for 20 years. He ended up beating it completely mind over body with tools from NXIVM. Marc is no stranger to prejudice, both from living with Tourettes and then being a proud supporter of NXIVM. These experiences have inspired him to join these initiatives in the fight against hate. Watch the documentary “My Tourette’s,” showing Marc and others’ incredible journey overcoming Tourette’s Syndrome.

Michele Hatchette


Michele was born and raised in Harlem and attended one of the first historically integrated schools in the country. Michele has spent her career in education, agriculture, hospitality, and community building. Most recently, she has become the co-leader of several nonviolent, humanity-focused efforts that seek to ensure that the rights of all people are upheld under (what is still left) of the law.

Brian Elliot


Brian Elliot is an entrepreneur and real estate investor who has long been an advocate for social change. Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Brian was the founder of an award winning LGBT equal rights organization that helped win marriage equality. He also co-founded a summer camp for families coping with cancer while earning his BA at Stanford University. Brian holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School. He believes that criminal justice reform is essential for the US to live up to the ideals it was founded upon.